Madagascar Cinnamon

Madagascar Cinnamon

Madagascar cinnamon is called Ceylan – Zeylanicum. This variety is native to Sri Lanka, but is also found in the Seychelles and of course Madagascar. It is nicknamed the “gourmet” cinnamon, because it has much more subtle flavor than its sidekick, the Cassia cinnamon (Indonesia), more known to the public.

The cinnamon can reach 15 to 20 meters hight. But this is rarely the case in plantations where the cultivators maintain it to a size of 2 meters by multiplying the seedlings.

Jacarandas has its own plantations and controls this delicate operation that is harvesting the bark, in part due to the unquestionable expertise of inhabitants of neighbouring villages.

It takes an unparallel patience for the farmers to gently remove the bark of the cinnamon, roll it in sticks or to scratch it in crumbs (which will eventually be used in the production of powder).

Cinnamon production workshops are fully integrated which ensures the quality of our products and to make “tailor-made” product to our customers.

We will then need to sort it out, cut it, crush it or grind it carefully to retain the essential oil content (about 1%), which constitutes the complexity and the warmth of her cinnamon flavor.

The various products in our Madagascar Cinnamon variety are organically available (Ecocert certification)

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Madagascar Cinnamon