Madagascar sugar

Organic crafted sugar

Madagascar sugar cane is grown in the villages in the rural township of FANANDRANA (located 28 Km from Tamatave) on the east coast of the Big Island. This is local varieties.

The production of this sugar is provided by a cooperative that support 32 sugar cane farmers of 33 certified organic Ha (certified by Ecocert). This culture allows the cooperative farmers to diversify their income and to better promote their product.

sucre de Madagascar

Unrefined Madagascar Sugar

This whole sugar cane is a traditional product which has not undergone any refining. The sugar cane juice, obtained by pressing, is filtered and clarified by natural processes, then concentrated and dehydrated by baking. This process preserves all the nutritional quality of the cane and ensures to make it a food with an incomparable flavor, rich in minerals and trace elements (iron, fluoride, calcium, magnesium, vitamins and amino acids).

For the sake of environmental protection and in order not to decimate the Madagascan forests, Madagascar sugar production plant uses bamboo as firewood.

The bamboo comes from the recycling of makeshift rafts built by farmers to transport their cane from the plantation to the plant on the banks of river Ivondra (all canes are sent to the plant by river). Using recycled bamboos (a species abundant and with rapid growth), the cooperative manages to produce, without deforesting Madagascar, which is a too rare example of rational production on the Big Island.

Madagascar sugar

Bamboo raft

Madagascar sugar

Bamboo heater