kaffir limes from Madagascar

Producer of kaffir limes in Madagascar

Scientific name: Citrus hystrix

Part of the plant harvested: Zest

Harvest: April to June

Flavour: Kaffir lime is a citrus fruit with an intense taste. Both strong and bitter, this fruit offers lemongrass notes. The flavour of kaffir lime comes from its essential oil content, particularly concentrated in its leaves and zest.


Kaffir lime is native to Indonesia. It is also found in southern Asia and in the various islands in the Indian Ocean: Mauritius,
Reunion island, Comoros and, of course, Madagascar.

The tree is small and prickly. The fruit resembles a small lime and has distinctive bumpy skin.

Our Dried Kaffir Lime Skin range, origin Madagascar:

  • Powder*
  • Zest*

* Available with organic certification

Jacarandas, producer of kaffir limes in Madagascar

Production of the raw material

Our raw material comes from our partner producers whose plantations are located on the east coast of the island.


Producer of kaffir limes in Madagascar
kaffir limes harvest

The kaffir limes are harvested by hand when the fruit is still green. They are cleaned, peeled and dried at the plantations.

kaffir lime peeling

When peeling, the white internal skin is carefully removed from the zest to avoid excess bitterness.

Turning the raw material into spices

The raw material is then transported to our factory. When it arrives, strict checks are carried out on the kaffir lime skin. It is then carefully dried and sorted.

The zest is either kept in pieces or ground into powder (500 micron).

Our production workshops guarantee the quality of our products and can offer clients customisation options.

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