Ginger from Madagascar

Producteur de Gingembre de Madagascar

Scientific name: Zingiber officinale

Part of the plant harvested: Rhizome

Harvest: July to October

Flavour: Aromatic with contrasting hot and fresh notes, slightly sweet and citrussy, with just a hint of tang.


Ginger is a rhizome, like turmeric. Native to Asia, it is also grown in numerous tropical countries such as Madagascar.

Ginger has been used for several thousand years in India and China for its aromatic and medicinal properties.

Very popular as a spice, ginger is also a superfood known for its many health benefits.

Our Ginger range, origin Madagascar:

* Available with organic certification

Jacarandas, producer of ginger in Madagascar

Production of the raw material

Ginger is an ingredient used in traditional Madagascan cuisine. Farmers already grow it.

Harvests last from July to October. The first rhizomes are perfect for distillation. The more mature rhizomes are the best for the spice and ingredient range.

We work with networks of farmers who are certified organic and Fair for Life.

Producer of ginger in Madagascar
ginger field

Every year, our local teams organise a distribution of rhizomes and supervise production in our networks of farmers. The best period for planting is November and December.

rhizomes washing

After being harvested, the rhizomes are washed, cut into strips and dried.

Turning the raw material into spices

The raw material is then transported to our factory.

When they arrive, strict checks are carried out on the ginger rhizomes. They are then carefully dried and sorted.

Depending on the product range, the ginger is then cut, ground or crushed with the utmost care to preserve its essential oil content.

Ginger from Madagascar develops zesty and citrussy notes while preserving a baking aroma.

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