Pink Peppercorn from Madagascar

Producer of Pink Peppercorn from Madagascar

Scientific name: Schinus terebinthifolius

Part of the plant harvested: Berries

Harvest: May to July

Flavour: Sweet, peppery without being tangy, aromatic with a hint of aniseed.


Native to South America, pink peppercorn can be found in Brazil, Reunion island, Mauritius and Madagascar. The Schinus terebinthifolius shrub, commonly known as the Brazilian pepper tree, has perfectly adapted to the dry climate of Madagascar’s highlands and the hot, humid areas on the east and south coasts of Madagascar. Pink peppercorn are the fruit produced by this shrub.

Our Pink Peppercorn range, sorted by hand, origin Madagascar:

* Available with organic certification

Jacarandas, producer of pink peppercorn in Madagascar

Production of the raw material

Our south-east agency is situated in the Fort Dauphin region, in the heart of the production area. This location means we are extremely close to our networks of farmers and partner agricultural cooperatives. Projects and training are closely managed and monitored.

We built on this growing production to develop our partner networks dedicated to pink peppercorn. They are certified organic and, since 2021, Fair for Life.

Producer of pink peppercorns in Madagascar
a World Bank program financed the Pink Peppercorns plants

Pink peppercorn nursery

partner sectors dedicated to pink pepper corn

Our production

export pink peppercorn from Madagascar

Drying after harvest

Turning the raw material into spices

The berries grow in bunches and turn pink as they ripen. The bunches are then harvested and dried and the shells removed by hand. Our local teams have trained the producers from partner networks in good hygiene practices.

When they arrive in our factory, strict checks are carried out on the pink peppercorn.

They are then carefully sorted and separated into various qualities.

The various products from our range of pink peppercorn from Madagascar are available with organic certification (Ecocert).

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