Turmeric from Madagascar

Producer of turmeric in Madagascar

Scientific name: Curcuma longa

Part of the plant harvested: Rhizome

Harvest: September to December

Flavour: Hot and sweet, slightly bitter


Turmeric, curcuma longa, is part of the Zingiberaceae family. In India, turmeric is used in a lot of different spice mixes. It is currently experiencing considerable growth in popularity in Europe and the United States following research into its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric from Madagascar is a bright orange colour, distinguishing it from turmeric from other countries. Its taste is not as earthy and sweeter than turmeric from other countries. Turmeric from Madagascar has a high curcumin content.

Our Turmeric range, origin Madagascar:

* Available with organic certification

Jacarandas, producer of turmeric in Madagascar

Production of the raw material

Our networks and cooperatives are grouped together on the east coast.

Each year, our local teams provide rhizomes and manage the production of turmeric. The rhizomes are planted between January and March.

The harvest starts 8 to 10 months later. The expected ratio between the quantity planted and quantity harvested is 5.

After being harvested, the rhizomes are washed, cut into strips and dried.

We work with networks of farmers who are certified organic and Fair for Life.

producer of turmeric in Madagascar

Planting and cultivation

Harvesting the rhizomes

Récolte des rhizhomes



Turning the raw material into spices

The raw material is then transported to our factory. When it arrives, strict checks are carried out. It is once again carefully dried and sorted. epending on the product range, the turmeric is then ground or milled with the utmost care to preserve its essential oil content.

This product is also available as fresh turmeric essential oil.

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