Pepper from Madagascar

Producer of pepper in Madagascar

Scientific name: Piper nigrum

Part of the plant harvested: Berry

Harvest: from June to August and October to December

Flavour: Tangy, woody and fruity.


The pepper plant is a creeper. Native to India, pepper is now grown in numerous countries.

Vietnam and Brazil are two of the largest global producers. Pepper from Madagascar, Indonesia and Cameroon is also renowned.

Our Pepper range, origin Madagascar:

Jacarandas, producer of pepper in Madagascar

Production of the raw material

Obtained from a variety of small farms, black pepper production is based in two main areas:

  • Nosy Varika (north of Mananjary on the south-east coast)
  • Farafangana (south of Manakara on the south-east coast)

We are also developing a black pepper plantation in Nosy Be, in the north of Madagascar.

This approach, which is different to working with small farmers, allows us to internalise the cultivation of pepper to produce a high-quality pepper for delicatessens.

Producer of pepper in Madagascar
pepper vines

When the pepper is still green and immature on the vines, it can be harvested to produce green pepper in brine, freeze-dried green pepper or east coast green pepper (exclusive to Jacarandas).

pepper drying

Later in the season, when the berries turn red, the pepper will be harvested, then dried to become black pepper.

Turning the raw material into spices

The raw material is then transported to our factory. When it arrives, strict checks and analyses are carried out on the pepper.

The berries are sorted, graded and dried.

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