Madagascar Pink Peppercorn

Madagascar Pink Peppercorn

Often mistakenly called pink “pepper”, Madagascar pink peppercorn cultivates its difference and is not at all the same species as black or white pepper (which is a Piper nigrum).

The pink peppercorn, available in two species (Schinus terebenthifolius and Schinus molle), are native to South America. Nowadays, they can be found in Brazil, on Reunion Island, in Mauritius and of course Madagascar.

This tree likes hot but not arid areas and is perfectly adapted to dry climate of Malagasy highlands as the warm, moist areas of the east coast, north and south of Madagascar.

It can reach 15 meters high, but for obvious reasons of ease of harvest, their size is usually limited to 3 meters. It was introduced to Madagascar by the Creole settlers in the highlands east of Antananarivo.

The berries grow in clusters and are becoming pinkier as they ripen. The grapes are then harvested, dried and manually crumbled.

Then comes the long, meticulous sorting work, in which it is necessary to have an upmost patience since workday allow at best to sort out 400 grams of our Grade I quality.

The product is then packaged in small boxes to best protect what some call “the ruby pearls”…

Our pink peppercorn undergoes heat treatment 100% natural without any chemical input before final packaging and export.
The various products of our Madagascar Pink Peppercorns range are organically available 
(Ecocert certification).

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Madagascar Pink Peppercorn