Madagascar Turmeric

Madagascar Turmeric

Turmeric or Curcuma longa is a plant of the Zingiberaceae family. Native to India and Sri Lanka, its production has now developed and is found in various countries of Latin America and Africa as in Madagascar.

Far from the industrial volumes of India (2 million tons), The Madagascar turmeric cultivates its difference by its small very qualitative production with a very high curcumin content (up to 7.5% measured). In addition to its coloring power, the Madagascar Curcuma impose itself as a spice with a significant olfactory and taste power.

Turmeric is grown in Madagascar on the coastal “Centre Est” strip of the Big Island, especially in the Beforna region, area known for its rhizome crops from which Ginger and turmeric are a part of.

After harvest, the rhizomes are washed, dried and cut and then be powdered.

Widely used in India in different blends of spices, turmeric is currently experiencing a boom in Europe and the United States following the publication of studies on its anti-oxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

But turmeric is also used in natural dye in the textile industry, or Essential Oil in shampoos in the cosmetics industry.

Turmeric production workshops are fully integrated, which ensures the quality of our products and to produce “tailor-made” product for our customers.

The various products of our Madagascar Pink Bay range are organically available (Ecocert certification).

Madagascar Turmeric